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De-Winterise & Service BUNDLE!

Preparing for the summer?

Get your craft ready to go with our De-winterise & Service bundle!

Includes everything you need to set yourself up for a season of hassle-free fun. 


 Performance Tuning

We are now working with Maptun to bring performance software and parts to our customers! Check out our 'Russell Performance' page for more information.


SeaDoo Servicing

We offer the full package! 

Every service includes a thorough check of all components - both in the workshop, and in the water.

You can drive away from our workshop safe in the knowledge that your craft will perform as it should.



Whether preparing for the off-season or just putting your craft in storage, we always recommend a winterisation. 

Protect against corrosion, deterioration and perishing.


Repairs and Rebuilds

From full engine rebuilds, to changing the look of your craft by changing body panels, we can help with every SeaDoo repair or upgrade!

With our partners at Maptun, and our 30 years as a SeaDoo dealer, we can source any replacement or upgrade!

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 Pre-delivery Inspections

Expecting the arrival of a new SeaDoo?  Speak to one of our team today about our pre-delivery inspection service - to ensure that your craft arrives in your hands ready for the water!

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