Sell your craft with us



Selling your craft with Russell Powerboats has never been easier.

Bring your craft down for a valuation, so we can see what condition it is in, then agree the price and fill in our brokerage agreement.

We will ask for the service history on the craft, and if the craft hasn't had a service in the past 12 months, a service will have to be carried out before the craft can go up for sale. (this is at a cost to you).

Once workshop approved, we will take pictures of it, list it on our website and also via various different online sales outlets.

Once the craft has sold, we take 10% +VAT as commission, and you get the balance remaining. 

It's a straight forward process and a guaranteed way to sell your PWC.

Tell us some details on your craft below and the best time to receive a call back to discuss selling your craft with Russell powerboats.

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