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Sell your craft with us



Selling your craft with Russell Powerboats has never been easier.

When you bring your craft down for a valuation we will undertake a condition assessment, provide an estimate and we can complete a brokerage agreement on the spot.

We will ask for the service history on the craft. If the craft hasn't had a service in the past 12 months, we will need to carry out a service here at the workshop (at owner's cost)  before the craft can go up for sale. 


Once workshop approved, we will take photographs and list on your behalf. We have a number of outlets we can use to reach potential buyers, including our website; various sales platforms; and can even make your craft the star of our showroom.

Once the craft has sold, we take 10% +VAT as commission, and you get the balance remaining. 

Take all the hard work out of selling your craft. It's a straightforward process and we will do all we can to sell your PWC.

Tell us some details about your craft below and the best time to receive a call back to discuss selling your PWC with Russell Powerboats.

Thanks! Message sent.

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