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Here we have for sale a very rare unit - a JetLev JetFlyer 220!


Produced in limited runs, and famously hard to get hold of in the UK, this JetLev will bring a smile to the face of anyone lucky enough to use it! With a top speed around 50mph, a maximum height of 10m, and around 2 hours of fun on a single tank, this is the ultimate machine for a day out on the water.


In case you're not familiar, JetLev uses running gear very similar to a jet-ski, but redirects the flow of water to the jetpack unit. This water then propels the jetpack user high into the air - and even under the water! 



220hp, 4-stroke marine ROTAX engine

JetFlyer 220, Jet Pack, hose, sheath, fly-by-wire throttle included.

0 hours - never seen use!

Completely independent system - no need for additional craft

Overall cover and trailer included.



JetLev JF220

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