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68mph top end speed of craft fitted with 260HP

Jet drive ( Increase manoeuvrability and safety over either outboard or stern drive)

Nav lights and horn

D.E.S.S security key

Learner key ( Reduces top end to 30mph on all models)

iTC: including neutral for easy, stress-free docking

Much improved stability

Added protection for craft ( The inflatable sponsons act as fenders at low speed)

Both inflatable sponsons and brackets have been designed to reduce spray to rider and passenger

Add flotation for craft ( Both brackets and rib tubes able to support craft if structural damage occurred to craft hull)

Cushion effect created by addition of inflatable sponsons (allowing for the hull to be more resilient to impact damage on entering and leaving the water.)

Reduced planning time

iBR Brake Lever (Positioned on the left, with the acceleration on the right. So hands stay put and eyes stay focused.)

Easy to read gauges

Fold – down re-boarding step

iS : Intelligent Suspension, for the smoothest ride on water

Sea Doo QRV iS 260

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