Dimensions:2,56m x 0,8m x 0,16m 
Weight: 37 kg 
Speed: 54 km/h 
Battery: up to 40 mins
Electric engine:20.0 hp/14.9 kW 
Surface: Carbon/Varnished
Charge:70 minutes 
Electric engine:15hp 
Matériels: Fibre composite

You don't need killer waves to surf. You just need the Lampuga Jet-Powered Surfboard. Thanks to an electric jet engine producing 15 hp, it can propel you at speeds of up to 32 mph for sessions of up to 40 minutes. A combination steering belt and thrust control keeps you in command, while the emergency stop system promises not to leave you stranded in the event of a major wipeout.
The Lampuga Boost model is the company's original design. This electric surfboard is built on a rigid platform, similar to more traditional surfboard designs you see at the beach.
Purists are likely to howl. True surfing is wave-powered, they say, and anything with a motor on it is a water scooter. However, an industry is emerging around motorised boards, and the surfing community seems to be coming around to the idea, especially when pro legends like Laird Hamilton are test-riding these new boards at public events.

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