Winterise and Storage

Winter is approaching! Time to get ready!

With the turn of the clocks really is the time to start making sure your pwc or boat is ready and prepared for the winter ahead.  Russell Powerboats are best placed to ensure everything that is required to winterise your boat or pwc correctly is completed by a qualified Mercruiser or Sea Doo Technician!Further to the winterisation procedures listed below both boats and pwc are fully tested on our own lake complex to make sure that they are fully operational before the winterisations are undertaken


To make sure you don’t have any surprises at the start of next season.

Winterisation Procedure PWC

Cleaning and Protecting the Propulsion System

1/ Clean jet pump by spraying water in its inlet and outlet and then apply a coating of XPS LUBE

2/ Inspecting the Jet Pump, remove impeller cover and check if the jet pump is water contaminated

3/ Inspecting the fuel system, Check fuel hoses for leaks. Replace damaged hoses or clamps if necessary

4/ Fuel stabilizer or equivalent to be added prior to engine lubrication in the fuel tank to prevent fuel deterioration, fuel gumming and varnishing of the fuel system. Then it recommended that the fuel tank is filled up completely to ensure no water in tank

5/ Exhaust system flushed and intercooler drained as failure to carry this out may cause severe damage to this component

6/ Replace coolant if necessary as if the craft is to be stored in an area where the freezing point is attained serious damage may occur

7/ Lubricating the internal parts of the engine with Sea Doo’s recommended storage seal. This lubricates the engine intake valves the cylinders and exhaust valves.

8/ Apply a small amount of anti seize lubricant on spark plugs threads then reinstall them

9/ Remove battery from craft so it can be put on charge by the customer.

Please note, proper vehicle preparation is necessary after the winter months, where after once again a test ride of the craft has been completed to confirm proper operation of the craft any worn broken or damaged parts found must be replaced.

Mercruiser Wintersation

1/ Fill fuel tanks with fresh fuel and then add a sufficient amount of quicksilver stabiliser

2/ Run the engine sufficiently to bring it up to normal operating temperature and allow fuel with the stabiliser to circulate through the fuel system and then shut the engine off

3/ Flush the cooling system and then close the fuel shut off valve

4/ Clean and inspect flame arrestor and vent hoses

5/ Lubricate all required parts

6/ Run a 50 / 50 mixture of antifreeze and water through the engine for additional protection against freezing and rust to the exhaust manifold

7/ Lubricate steering system

8/ Lubricate transom gimbal housing assembly and prop shaft

9/ Inspect u joint bellows for cracks or other signs of deterioration

10/Inspect condition of lower unit oil

11/Inspect stern drive for damage, repair or replace

12/ Drain all raw water cooling system

13/ Clean outside of engine and repaint as necessary

14/ Turn master battery key off position.

It is important to note that damage caused by freezing is not covered by the Mercruiser limited warranty and therefore is strongly recommended that this is performed by an authorised Mercruiser dealer.

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