Let’s face it getting your jet ski down to the water would be a tricky job without your jet ski trailer. As well as providing safe transport, your trailer plays a big part in the launch and recovery of your personal water craft. It is tempting though isn’t it, to lavish all of your care and attention on the jet ski itself. After all it is your jet ski that’s going to give you the excitement and thrills on the water.

We all understand that jet ski’s require regular maintenance and that there are a wealth of exciting gadgets and additions available that will add to your enjoyment, but it is worth remembering too that having the right jet ski trailer accessories can make your trailer experience more successful and part of the overall fun of jet ski life. We look at the top 10 pwc trailer accessories every jet ski owner should have.

pwc trailer accessories

Keep your jet ski trailer secure with a trailer lock

Your trailer probably represents a big chunk of the money you’ve spent on your jet ski set up so far. It doesn’t make any sense to leave it open to theft, even the most exhilarating ride is going to be spoilt if you get back and find that someone else has hitched up your trailer to their vehicle and driven off with it. Don’t take any risks with this trailer accessory; make sure that you choose a robust, full coverage wheel clamp.

Be ready for problems with a spare trailer tyre

There is no getting away from the fact, if you get a flat trailer tyre you will have to either find a way of pumping it up or replace it before you can head out with your pwc or home to relax after a great day’s ride. Avoid that angry, tyre-kicking moment by carrying a spare trailer tyre and don’t forget that you will need a specialised trailer mount to transport it.

Manoeuvre your pwc trailer more easily with a trailer jack

Even the most well balanced of trailers can be heavy to lift and move around. A trailer jack (or tongue jack) will assist with lifting when connecting the coupler and ball, stabilise the trailer for loading and keep the trailer level as required. Remember to check the weight capacity before you buy a jack.

jet ski trailer

Protect your jet ski with an additional trailer strap

The additional strap is maybe one of the most often-neglected pwc trailer accessories. Your trailer will have a main strap but nothing is 100% secure, if you rely on the main strap alone, you could end up damaging your jet ski. Add an additional level of confidence by using either light-weight cambuckle straps or ratchet straps for a more secure load.

Ensure your pwc trailer lights are legal with a light adaptor

By properly wiring your trailer you will ensure not only that you meet the legal requirements of working running, indicator and brake lights, but the safety of yourself and those around you. In order to join the wiring harness on your vehicle with your trailer you will need an adaptor as most trailers use flat connectors and many vehicles, especially trucks, use round connectors.

Make reversing your trailer easier with trailer guides

Reversing a small trailer can be more difficult than a larger one. This is particularly true if you can’t see the trailer from your vehicle. Jet ski trailer guides make this process easier and safer. They attach to the sides of your trailer and stick up high enough for you to be able to see them from the tallest of vehicles.

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Stay safe on a slope with trailer wheel chocks

There will inevitably be times when you have to park your jet ski trailer on a slope. The best way to insure that you don’t get any irritating or dangerous rollback is to use chocks under the trailer wheels. Rubber chocks perform best and are more reliable than plastic ones.

Get spot on alignment each time with a trailer alignment kit

It is far less effort to hook up your trailer with your vehicle if you can back up into the perfect position. Of course, this means getting pretty close to your trailer with your vehicle and if you are on your own, it does risk damaging one or both of them. Alignment kits are simple devices, often with bright-coloured balls, that fasten onto both the vehicle and the trailer and allow you to see when you have reversed into the optimum hook-up position.

jet ski trailer accessories

See what you are doing with a spot beam light

Sometimes even the best plans go awry and in the spring or autumn you may find yourself packing away your gear and loading your jet ski trailer in darkness. If you have ever tried to work to the light of a head torch, you will appreciate that having a work light running from your vehicle is a good idea. Go for LED lights in a heavy-duty housing that can cope with wet weather.

Emergency jet ski trailer kit

As well as your personal first aid kit, which should be a must for any jet ski trip, it is a good idea to have an emergency trailer kit containing a few key tools, replacement light bulbs, wheel bearings, bearing grease and additional hub assembly elements. You never know when you or a mate will need them.

Although maybe not the most exciting piece of your jet ski kit, your trailer is the workhorse that enables you and your pwc to get safely to locations and enjoy thrilling ski sessions. Even the best of trips can be spoilt by breakdowns or kit failures. However by adding these few jet ski trailer accessories to your gear you should be able to make the best of any situation and get yourself and your jet ski safely home ready to play another day.