Quick Response Vessel (Sea-Doo S3 Hull)

The Quick Response Vessel (QRV) : Designed and Engineered by Russell Powerboats

The thought process behind the Quick Response Vessel (QRV) was to design a craft that gives the speed and manoeuvrability of a personal water craft but the surefooted feel and protection of a sports rib and so the  Quick Response Vessel (QRV) was born.

Based on the Sea-Doo s3 hull and powered by the Rotax 4 stroke jetdrive with Hp ratings from 155hp – 260hp speeds of 68 mph can be achieved by this craft. Given the added stability offered by the inclusion of the sport rib design inflatable tubes, this outstanding creation has helped to make boating an even more enjoyable experience for all.

The tubes themselves not only offer maximum safety but with performance still being a key factor in their design. They are able to realize rail like turning, speed and stability without compromise. By using only the latest technology and materials the Quick Response Vessel ( QRV) by Russell Powerboats has been extensively tested in a variety of sea conditions and the results have seen a marked improvement over the original personal water craft design in connection with rough water handling in a number of aspects.

This innovative design has been patented and is exclusive to Russell Powerboats.

Design features and benefits:

  • Engine options from 155 – 260HP
  • 68mph top end speed of craft fitted with 260HP
  • Jet drive (Increase manouverability and safety over either outboard or stern drive)
  • Navigation lights and horn
  • D.E.S.S security key
  • Learner key (Reduces top end to 30mph on all models)
  •  iTC: including neutral for easy, stress-free docking
  • Much improved stability
  • Added protection for craft (The inflatable sponsons act as fenders at low speed)
  • Both inflatable sponsons and brackets have been designed to reduce spray to rider and passenger
  • Add flotation for craft (Both brackets and rib tubes able to support craft if structural damage occurred to craft hull)
  • Cushion effect created by addition of inflatable sponsons (allowing for the hull to be more resilient to impact damage on entering and leaving the water).
  • Reduced planning time
  • iBR Brake Lever (Positioned on the left, with the acceleration on the right. So hands stay put and eyes stay focused).
  • Easy to read gauges
  • Fold-down re-boarding step
  • iS – Intelligent Suspension, for the smoothest ride on water (optional with some models)

For more details about the Quick Response Vessel,  innovative design and prices, then speak to Len on 01252 877337 or email him using our contact form.