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Sea-Doo Parts

Genuine Sea-Doo parts.

Make the right choice with Sea-Doo parts, BRP’S commitment to quality means that every watercraft is engineered to the highest industry leading standards.  Nevertheless, a lack of proper maintenance may cause even the best components to eventually fail.

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By using genuine BRP Sea-Doo parts, you are taking care of your investment.

BRP Rebuild centre

Built on tradition, driven by excellence and a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that goes down to the core.  Every one of the Sea-Doo Parts that leave the BRP Rebuild Centre meets Rotax’s rigorous standards guaranteed.   BRP Rebuild Centreis tooled and staffed with one thing in mind to ensure that Rotax’s legendary durability and performance come to life in every BRP Sea-Doo parts rebuild.  Shortblock, crankshaft and cylinder.  Features core return program.  For more details please enquire.

You were made for your Sea-Doo PWC, as was XPS Engine oil

You expect your Sea-Doo watercraft to slice through countless miles of that irresistible blue, splashing up as much wet wild fun as you can handle. It has never let you down and it never will.  So choose genuine Sea-Doo parts choose XPS Engine Oil and return the favour.  Rotax engines offer power, performance and a durability that’s unmatched – so choose the oil they deserve one that delivers optimum results at high temperature extremes while still improving mileage.  It’s reliable, provides consistent lubrication and is tested and certified by BRP Engineers specifically for use in BRP Vehicles

XPS Goes Far

Think of it as your first line of defence against engine and vehicle component wear.  There’s an XPS product that cleans other that lubricate or stabilize, some that cool and yet other that extend life.  Always demand Genuine Sea-Doo Parts

Genuine Sea-Doo parts available from Russell Powerboats. Please click on the image below for a pdf catalogue on oils and care products.



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