Epic Jet Ski Fails

Jet skiing is a highly exhilarating, adrenaline filled high speed water sport that attracts thousands of people each year and provides hours of fun on the water. In fact, many people enjoy the thrill of riding jet skis in lots of locations in the UK and also abroad...

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Personal Watercraft History: From Past To Present

Whilst jet ski riding is unlikely to make it into the official Olympic Games, its exponential rise in popularity has led to it being tipped for inclusion in the inaugural ANOC (Association of National Olympic Committees) World Beach Games set to be held in San Diego...

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Jetski fishing

Not a common use of Jetskies in the UK at present but something that is already well established as a use for your personal water craft  in other parts of the world such as USA and particularly with our cousins of South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.   New...

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Jet Ski Maintenance Checklist For The Year Ahead

It should go without saying that regular and thorough maintenance of your jet ski is essential to its continued smooth running and your ongoing safety. However there are some essential maintenance tasks that are too often neglected. We give some advice on how to...

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