Not a common use of Jetskies in the UK at present but something that is already well established as a use for your personal water craft  in other parts of the world such as USA and particularly with our cousins of South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.   New Zealand itself runs Pwc only tournaments attracting close to 150 competitors.

So what are the advantages of fishing from a Pwc compared to traditional boats

  1. No crew required
  2. Lower depreciation  and cost compared traditional fishing boats
  3. Lower maintenance costs
  4. Less time consumed to prepare launching and getting to spots
  5. Pwcs are smaller making maneuverability much easier
  6. Less storage space required to park a PWC compared to a boat, equalling a reduce cost in storage fees
  7. PWCs are typically faster than larger boats, allows you to spend more time fishing as opposed traveling to your next spot
  8. Reduced cleaning time

Gearing up


Obviously anyone with more than a passing interest in the sport of Jetski fishing will quickly realise that rigging is of the upmost importance on such a small craft. As trying to hang on to your rod while you work the throttle is a challenge that gets old fast.  To take it to the next step we would suggest a simple upgrade of some type of rod holder and a cooler as shown in our picture above and below


For more details as to the cost of these fishing accessories please contact Russell Powerboats on 01252 877337.  Who knows, with the small addition of these Jetski fishing a accessories you too could soon be landing fish like in the video below!