Jet skiing is now a worldwide phenomenon and a sport in its own right. With our coastline and inshore waters, we have a fabulous range of jet ski opportunities right here in the UK but it would be a mistake, if you were planning a holiday, not to build in some opportunities to enjoy your favourite activity in warmer waters, whilst you are overseas. If you are even more enthusiastic about this adrenaline soaked sport, why not go the whole way and consider a jet ski holiday? With so many great locations to choose from, we have the top jet ski holiday destinations from around the world.

Naples, Italy

You don’t have to go too far away from home to find the jet ski holiday of your dreams. Italy’s Amalfi Coast is a holiday destination for the rich and famous with good reason. Explore the vertical cliffs, antique towns and hidden history of this most astonishing of landscapes as you jet across the deep blue waters.

Queenstown, New Zealand

New Zealand offers such a wide variety of jet skiing opportunities that you will be spoilt for choice and won’t notice your flight time. Fish New Zealand’s Waikato River from the back of your jet ski or enjoy the lakes of Rotorua before a soak in the natural, thermal pools. While you are over there, don’t forget to take in Queenstown, New Zealand’s South Island adventure capital.

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Gold Coast, Australia

While you are in the antipodes don’t miss out on a quick jet ski holiday on Australia’s Gold coast. The Gold Coast provides a unique combination of long golden coast rides and remote explorations of tropical mangroves. Jet away from the bustling coastline, past lonely islands at a heart pumping speed or take it slower to discover deserted beaches and beautiful wildlife.

Bermuda, The Caribbean

A jet ski holiday in Bermuda gives you a new perspective on this gem of an island. With the freedom a jet ski gives you, you’ll be able to take a good look at Millionaires’ row and its luxury houses, travel a section of the America’s Cup course and find the secret beaches, coves and even shipwrecks that other visitors can’t.

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Ibiza, Spain

With its reputation for nightlife, partying and a fantastic summer scene, Ibiza is the perfect near-to-home destination for those seeking a jet ski holiday that offers 24 hour stimulation and excitement. Party the nights away and then wake up with a quick burst of adrenaline as you burn along the beautiful shores of San Antonio Bay.

Miami Beach, Florida

Forget Miami Vice and Disney World, Miami Beach is the place to be seen with a jet ski. Whilst your friends enjoy a day of sunbathing and people watching, you can feel the thrill of exclusive riding areas away from the bathers and some of the warmest waters you are likely to experience.

Mehamn, Norway

Possibly the most northerly jet ski holiday you could have, you need to be prepared for snow-chilled, glacial waters for this one. Once you have put on the safety equipment however, the experience of driving your jet ski through some of Norway’s beautiful fjords will be next to none. Norway’s breath taking combination of mountains and sea is something not to be missed.

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Split, Croatia

Split is a lovely blend of old and new with just the right balance of night time buzz and daytime views of mountains, azure seas and ancient buildings. All of this is far better explored from the sea and your jet ski as you buzz along taking in the sights that nobody else can see.

Fiji, South Pacific

When it comes to jet ski holidays, Fiji has something for everyone. With over 330 islands to choose from you will be spoilt for choice. Visit the ‘Castaway’ cave from the Tom Hanks movie, view some of Fiji’s famous surf breaks or simply take a relaxing trip to the floating bar and restaurant at Cloud 9.

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Loch Lomond, Scotland

We finish with a jet ski holiday that is much nearer to home. The UK has some wonderful inland waterways and Loch Lomond is a classic example of these. If you fancy a unique perspective on the loch’s many islands then a jet ski is the way to get it and a dram of local single malt afterwards will be the perfect way to warm up again.

Whether you decide to jet ski in this country or fly off to have a jet ski holiday in warmer climes, we have some great offers on both new and used jet skis. You will need some practice before your holiday and if you purchase a jet ski from us we can offer you full membership to our exclusive private lake. For all of your jet ski needs including maintenance and service, get in touch with our expert team today.